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Solar water pumps in Taree

Solar pumps are a versatile and eco-friendly option for those who want to be more environmentally conscious, save money or live in rural locations and can’t gain access to grid power sources. The solar water pumps available from Taree Pumps & Irrigation are paired with modern inverters which allow them to maintain the power needed to provide for all of your water needs. You get all the perks of your conventional water pumps with the added bonus of using solar energy.

Why choose solar water pumps?

Solar Water Pump — Pumps & Irrigation in Taree, NSW
Solar powered water pumps are eco-friendly and use clean energy to operate. Solar energy is a renewable power source that doesn’t require the output of any gases and harmful substances.
Efficient Energy
Once your initial investment has been made, solar energy will save you money on your utility bills. When you go solar, you’ll never find yourself unable to pay for your pump’s usage.
Rural Areas
If you live in a rural or remote area that doesn’t have easy access to conventional grid power sources, solar energy is for you. Today’s solar powered water pumps are powerful enough to operate your entire home, even without an outside power source.
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