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Pumps sales & service in Taree

Taree Pumps & Irrigation is committed to providing the right product for your job, at the right price. We carry pumping products from the top brands in the industry. These systems include, domestic pumping systems, rural pumps and firefighting pumps.

We’ll provide you with a system that is powerful enough to supply all your water or irrigation needs, while also being affordable to use and long-lasting. Additionally, we provide a full installation service. We’ll also provide maintenance for the life of your pump, so if you run in to trouble just give us a call! We’ll even repair irrigation and pumping systems installed by other companies.

Call today for our domestic, rural or firefighting pumps in Taree!

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Domestic Pumps

We have a wide range of domestic pumps that can be used to supply water to your entire home. Our team works with pumps of varying power levels, which can be used to accommodate virtually any setting. Whether you require a pump for a granny flat or large double storey home, we can accommodate your needs.

Rural Pumps

At Taree Pumps & Irrigation, we provide a wide range of pumps to accommodate rural locations. If you live in an area outside of normal grid power sources, you could benefit from our solar powered pump systems. With today’s inverters, you’ll find our solar pumps are fully equipped to handle even large output needs.

Firefighting Pumps

We are proud to provide a wide range of firefighting pumps to help with fire control services. Our pumps are powerful enough to meet all safety requirements, allowing fire and rescue workers to do their jobs with greater efficiency and confidence.