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Poly pipe & fittings installation in Taree

Poly pipe and fittings, also known as HDPE pipe, are highly durable and flexible piping materials that the team at Taree Pumps & Irrigation use in a wide range of irrigation applications. These materials can be heat fused together creating joints that are leak resistant—something that cannot be said for PVC pipes.
Using poly pipe is a more economical way to handle irrigation installation. It's less labour intensive and is without the high risk of maintenance and servicing in the future. Due to the highly rugged nature of the material, it is resistant to extreme weather conditions, heat or cold. It also won't crack or succumb to other forms of damage that alternative pipe materials can be prone to.

Our team can provide more versatile and complex irrigation systems using poly pipe and fittings. Since the piping is extremely flexible it doesn’t require as many joints as other materials, this means there is less room for error. We are happy to provide this affordable service for those in the Taree area.

Why hire us for your poly pipe installation?

We are committed to providing superior service to domestic, rural and remote clients. We use the highest quality materials and provide ongoing service and maintenance. When you choose us, we’re confident your irrigation system will last for many years to come.

Find out more about poly pipe and fittings by calling our team today! We’ll answer your questions, offer advice and help you make an informed decision about your irrigation system.
Poly Pipe — Pumps & Irrigation in Taree, NSW